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Group Fitness

Fun, Motivating & Adaptable to Your Fitness Level

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Is group fitness training the right program for you?

Group Fitness Training is ideal for anyone looking to lose body fat, improve cardiovascular health, tone up, get stronger and vastly improve all around health. The workouts, which are adaptable to any fitness level, are done in a non-competitive environment that allows you to stay energized and inspired without feeling intimidated by other health seekers. 


How Does Group Fitness Work?

You’ll be led by an expert personal trainer who demonstrates every exercise, ensures you are using proper form and equipment, and assists you with maximizing your workout. And, based on your fitness level, they can suggest regressions (easier exercises) or progressions (more challenging exercises). 

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Meet with an experienced trainer to create a program that couples nutrition and exercise recommendations to help you reach your goals in the safest, fastest, most effective manner.

Celebrate the new you!

Our programs are designed to help you reach your goals, achieve a new level of fitness and help you retain it. Don’t look back -- you’re not going that way!

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