Athlete Performance Training

We can help your athlete significantly improve overall athleticism, agility, balance, flexibility, and endurance. Through teaching of proper mechanics, we can increase lateral and multi-directional speed as well as first-step quickness and acceleration speed. Our goal is to improve core and overall body strength, as well as prevent injuries that so often occur due to overuse or weakness.

At Next Level, we focus on developing proper running skills to improve speed, strengthen ligaments, tendons and bones by incorporating powerful athletic movements which ultimately help to enhance jumping/landing skills as well.

For full program descriptions:
Football Prep - (ages 15+)
Level 4 - High School (ages 15-19)
Level 3 - Middle School (ages 13-14)
Level 2 - Middle School (ages 11-12)
Level 1 - Early Athletic Development (ages 7-10)
CollegiateTeams, Homeschool

Adult Training and Weight Loss

Maybe you used to be athletic, playing sports and in the best shape of your life. We want you to feel like that again.

Or, tried every diet and fitness fad known to mankind? No fads here. Bored with the same old workout routines and getting the same depressing results?

Next Level offers a personal approach to a broad spectrum of group, personal and challenge-based training regimens while utilizing the best possible training systems known today - something you won't get at a traditional gym. We get you out of the ordinary and back into the way you used to feel.

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