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YOur Goals are our mission

Our programs are built on the premise that we are here to get you stronger, leaner and more powerful for life.

We meet you where you're at and get you where you want to be

If you want a place that is welcoming, allows you to workout at your pace with trainers that understand your goals and work with you to get there, that place is Next Level!

Training at Next Level is more than “getting in shape.” The every day movements we perform, from reaching over our heads to bending to pick something up, requires a complex mechanism of an interconnected chain of muscles. The stronger and more conditioned we are the simpler these movements become and the better suited we are to take on more challenging demands like the sports or physical hobbies we love.


Our members and staff are friendly, welcoming and eager to help you reach your goals.

I hope you consider joining the Next Level Family!




Our facility is built with your results in mind

We’ve dedicated 18,000 square feet and the best equipment to keep you motivated, engaged and challenged. No boring machines here – TRX, kettle bells, weighted sleds, slam balls, dumbbells and more will keep every workout varied and results oriented. Our Athlete Performance Center rivals the size and equipment of many collegiate facilities.


Adult Personal Training

Adult personal training

Our personal training area features Rogue Power Racks, Dumbbells (8-120lbs), Keiser Functional Trainers, Kettlebells, TRX, Slide Boards, Chin-Up Bars, Training Ropes and Plyo Boxes.

Adult Group Fitness

Adult group FITNESS

Our Group Training area provides room for dynamic warm-ups, soft tissue work and stretching as well as for plyometrics, metabolic conditioning, total body training and functional strength.

Athlete Performance Center

Athlete performance center

The 7200-sf athlete training arena features a fully equipped weight room with 6 Olympic Platforms, 6 Half-Racks, Olympic Bars, Trap Bars, Training Bars, Landmines, 2,500 lbs weight plates, dumbbells, kettlebells, glute ham benches and more.  Turf training area with weight-loaded sleds and wall space for explosive med ball work.

Adult & Athlete Conditioning

Adult & Athlete Conditioning

Utilized by both athletes and adults, our Speed Development and Conditioning Center is ideally suited for all types of conditioning, speed work, and multi-directional movement training. It features six 40-yard turf lanes and weight-loaded sleds.

Consultation & Assessments

Consultation & assessments

This is where you begin! We perform a lifestyle consultation and an InBody body composition scan, then provide you with a recommended fitness plan. We’ll also share the benefits of using the MyZone heart rate monitor as a means to track your workouts and keep you accountable.

Smoothie Bar

Smoothie bar

Essential to workout recovery is protein. Next Level offers nutrient-dense and natural made-to-order smoothies and shakes to help workout recovery.  We only use whole food ingredients, no artificial additives o synthetic sweeteners. Includes meal replacement, low cal and detox options.

Assessment & Consultation!

Have more questions or specific needs for your workout program? Schedule a one-on-one consultation.

The next level team

Dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals

Your goals are our mission

Your goals are our mission - every day and every workout. Our dedicated, experienced straff is focused on just one thing - helping you reach your health and fitness goals.

We pride ourselves in meeting you where you're at and helping you get where you want to be. Are you ready to get where you want to be?


Owner Colby - Next Level Fitness

Colby Schreckengost
Owner / Director of Training

Vicki Schreckengost

Vicki Schreckengost
Owner / CFO

Courtney Zinzi

Courtney Zinzi
General Manager / Strength Coach

Lesley Hyer

Lesley Hyer
Director of Marketing

Brittany Scott

Brittany Scott
Head Coach / Program Coordinator

Lesley Hyer

Dave Kenney
Strength & Performance Coach

Cortnee Blackie

Cortnee Blackie
Strength & Performance Coach

Lesley Hyer

Chad Rabatin
Strength & Performance Coach

Your Goals. OUr Mission.


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